Well attended reception in 2017

In November 2017, the Dialogue Society and the Fellowship Educational Society organised an Interfaith Week Reception at the Reading Friends Meeting House. Around 70 adults and children attended the event.

The reception was hosted by the Mayor of Reading, Rose Williams. There were also speeches by Matt Rodda, MP for Reading East, and Emma Burroughs, Deputy LPA Commander.

The different faith communities contributed in the form of singing, readings and reflections about unity. The practical side of faith was brought under our attention by Reading City of Sanctuary and the ‘What shall we do?’ project from the Quakers.

After the speeches, Noah’s Pudding was served. This special desert is traditionally prepared during the Muslim Festival of Ashura and shared with neighbours. It symbolises the food that the prophet Noah made at the end of the flood.

It was a very inspiring evening, that reminded us of the importance of listening to each other and the beauty of the diversity that we have in Reading.