Breath of Life – Reception

The Interfaith Week Reception that we organised with the Dialogue Society on the 14th of November, was a great success. We would like to thank everyone who brought in food – arguably the most critical part of any interfaith event! The Friendship Educational Society prepared special Noah’s Pudding for everyone, which was delicious. Also a big thank you to the people who were serving the food and doing the washing up.

It was great to receive so many people at the reception. Whether they were wearing white collars or hijabs, people greeting each other with broad smiles showed that relationships between the different faith communities in Reading are warm and personal. The Mayor of Reading, councillor Debs Edwards, referred to this in her welcoming speech. She emphasized the need to stay together as people who are different but at the same time form a tight community.

With more than 60 people present, the attendees represented a wide range of faith groups and denominations – from the Christian Science Church to the Hindu Centre, from people practicing Buddhism to Catholic priests. This made for interesting conversations about the theme of the evening: prayer and meditation. We would like to especially thank ISKCON Reading, who performed a captivating musical form of meditation in which we could all join.

By the end of the evening we were inspired, well fed, and had made new friends. We are looking forward to our next meeting, on Monday the 3rd of December.