Breath of Life – Reception

On Wednesday the 14th of November 2018, we will partner with the Dialogue Society to organise the annual Interfaith Week Reception.

The Mayor of Reading, Debs Edwards, will host this event.

Together, we will think about our theme “Breath of Life – How we pray and meditate.” There will be opportunity for networking and informal discussion around the theme, as well as some central exchanges and performances by the faith communities in Reading. Food will be provided, with Noah’s Pudding as the special dessert. This dessert is traditionally prepared and shared with neighbours during the Muslim Festival of Ashura.


Feel free to turn up, but an RSVP is always helpful. You can send us a message here, or call Maaike on 079 472 599 10.

You can also find and share the event on Facebook.

If you would like to bring some vegetarian food, or help us man the coffee & tea bar for a part of the evening, we would be very grateful!


Coffee, tea and food is available from 6:45 pm. We will start at 7 pm and finish around 9 pm.


The reception will take place in the conference hall of the Reading International Solidarity Centre. You can access the building through the café on London Street  (ask for the conference hall at the bar) or via the entrance on East Street.


Sign for RISC car park
Click on the image to see the rules that are currently effective at the RISC car park.

If you are attending the reception, you are welcome to use the RISC parking spaces marked in YELLOW  after 6pm as usual, but only when at the Centre. Pay-by-phone charges apply for the bays numbered 3 to 16 only, marked in WHITE.  Charges apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do not park in bays 1, 2, 17 to 22 marked in RED at any time – these are spaces are rented by individuals and parking in them at any time will incur a parking charge of £100.

You can check if metered parking on surrounding streets is free after 8pm. If so, the cheaper option might be to park on the street and pay up to 8pm then the rest is free.

For more information about parking, please contact Reading International Solidarity Centre.