Mindfulness course in Caversham

Mindfulness and the spiritual life is an eight week course that is offered by Reading Interfaith Group and St. Andrew’s Church, Caversham. The course is meant for for people of any faith, or no faith. We feel that mindfulness meditation is a practical way for people from different faiths to have a shared experience. We are looking forward to exploring this together with you during the course!

Venue and dates

The course will take place at St. Andrew’s Church, Caversham, RG4 7AW, on Wednesday evenings from 8th May to 26th June 2019 from 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

How to book

There are still places available on the course. Please send us a message using our contact form to register for the course. The costs are £100 per person and your booking will be final after you have paid the fee. Participants will also be asked to have Tim’s book with them; see below. Please let us know if the fee is the only reason you could not attend; the church may be able to offer financial support.

Course leader

Tim Stead is an accredited mindfulness teacher and associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre which is affiliated to the Oxford University department of Psychology.

The course book

The course will be based on Tim’s book, See, Love, Be – mindfulness and the spiritual life (SPCK 2018) which seeks to orient basic mindfulness practices towards the development of a spiritual life. Although Tim’s main formation has been within the Christian tradition, this book is written for the broader context to offer a means by which people from different faith backgrounds, or, indeed, those who are unaffiliated, can reflect on what spirituality might mean to each of us in our contemporary world.


Feel free to send us a message (contact@readinginterfaith.org.uk) if you want to know more about the course.