Overcoming hate with love

On 19 June, Reading Interfaith Group held a meeting at the Pakistani Community Centre. About 40 people attended. We shared scriptures and prayers around the theme “Overcoming hate with love“.

It was a very inspiring event, with a lot of insights from different religions. The Jewish scriptures have a saying “Who is the mightiest of all? He who turns his enemy into a friend”. This resonates with Jesus’ words “Love your enemies”.

We also heard stories about Abraham/ Ibrahim, about hospitality to strangers. If we take the risk of befriending strangers, we discover God.

From the Islamic scriptures, we learned that being kind to your neighbours is very important. You should not even offend your neighbour with the smell of your cooking – unless you share the food with him.

It was very nice to meet each other and enjoy the hospitality of the Pakistani Community Centre.