Caring for the Earth

On the 6th of April, we had a very inspiring coffee morning, where we talked about our relationship to the Earth. Different religions all make reference to the natural world. We shared some examples, like St Francis and Jesus’ parables in Christianity, and the celebration of the spring equinox in Iran. The importance and symbolism of water is something that is widely shared across religions.

We also talked about the action that we can take to protect and nurture the Earth. We discussed the news that the Sikh community is planning to plant a million trees this year. Planting trees also has a symbolic meaning around life events in various cultures. Community gardening was another topic that came up. Working in a natural environment soothes the soul and is a healing activity if you struggle with mental health.

It would be good if churches and other faith communities would inspire their congregations to look after our planet. Saying prayers for the Earth is a good way to do this.