About us

Everyone is welcome to get involved in the Reading Interfaith Group. Although many of our members and supporters belong to a faith group, you do not have to be religious to join. Whatever our faith background or belief, we all have a great deal to learn from each other.

Reading is a town where religious diversity is celebrated and respected, and our group has been contributing to that since 1985. We meet each other in a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere.

Our goal is to foster good relationships between the different religious communities in Reading. Our meetings provide a space where dialogue can take place. Dialogue means an open discussion, where we try to understand the other person’s viewpoint. It does not mean that we take all religions to be the same, but it is also not meant as a way to try and convert people.

At the moment, the women’s group is our only regular activity. Once a year, we help to organise the Interfaith Week reception. If more people join us, we could start to have regular themed events.

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